Welcome to Sustainable Business Alliance!

My name is Donald L. Coleman and I am a business management consultant.

What is Sustainable Business Alliance?

First, let me give you a quick look at what this blog is about.

Sustainable Business Alliance is an association which is built to foster the growth of locally-owned businesses in the East Bay.

SBS has been built for a few years and has reached to thousands of business owners around the world. In the end, I hope SBS can bring more growth opportunities for business to grow faster and further. The vision of SBS is to create networks among businesses and community residents so that we all can benefit from an economy.

The ultimate mission

Sustainable Business Alliance specifically provides each member with opportunities to reach out to experts as well as learning opportunities to operate sustainably.

Besides, SBS also educates each and every one of us about changes that are happening around the world. Because keeping up with what the world is doing is one of the best ways to look for opportunity and growth.

With the help of many experts, I have created this vast community of experts, local business owners, and service providers in order to help each other learn and grow.

What can you find on Sustainable Business Alliance?

Specifically, SBS brings the change to grow further and farther to local businesses that are struggling. Do you need a loan or an investment? All you should do is to put in your information in order to search for the next big thing that is going to happen!

Not just that, SBS also makes it easier for you to run your business by providing other resources such as mastermind community and support group. Through these groups, you can connect with experts as well as with other locally-owned businesses in the area.

In short, SBS tries to eliminate all the obstacles you may encounter on the way to long-term growth. Just as the name suggests, this is your business alliance that helps build sustainable growth.

Since you have made it till this point, I really appreciate your effort. If you need anything or have any idea to improve the blog, feel free to reach out to me. I’m so glad to know.