Van Gogh My Pet
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By appointment only
Artist Jennifer Heller lives in Oakland with her muse, the Guster. Jennifer brings to Van Gogh My Pet a lifetime of appreciation for color, art and animals. One day, she realized that she–like any pet owner truly in love with their pet–needed to honor her best friend, the Guster, with a pet portrait painting. On that day, Van Gogh My Pet was born. Jennifer and the Guster (pictured here) enjoy long mornings laying in bed, tech magazines and sharing a fresh crab from time to time. Learn more about the Guster, visit the pet portrait gallery, and learn how Jennifer creates her lively and colorful pet portrait paintings. Van Gogh My Pet is not a one woman show. Professional photographer Betty Rose photographs each portrait and all reproductions are made by the LightRoom fine art printing. Jennifer is an avid supporter of non-profits and community (and pet!) interest group. She is happy to donate pet portraits to raise money for a good cause. Contact her for more information. Jennifer blogs about art, web design, pets, life and more at Keep in touch!